Out of place


Let me tell you right at the beginning that this post was inspired by a comment my friend Linda made on the previous post. She mentioned that the flowers in the photo seemed out of place in that setting and that they provided such a bright spot of colour in an otherwise dreary setting. When I was reading that comment, the words “out of place” stood out from the text in my mind and I had to think about them. I saw them in capitals.

still-lifeI answered Linda that the flowers do seem out of place but at the same time, they belong there. They are placed at the side of our old barn and they bring brightness and colours to that shabby looking place. I put them there intentionally. They seem out of place but it’s their destiny to grow there and enhance the place.

I quite often feel out of place, especially among other people. I don’t fit in easily. And that comment made me think about the fact that if anyone seems or feels out of place, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t belong there. It might be important for them just to put up with the situation and the other people or adapt to them or be a mirror for them or a challenge, there are so many answers to that unasked question.

Yesterday afternoon I took a few photos with hydrangea I had cut in my mother-in-law’s garden (with her permission, of course) and with a new laced piece of cloth I bought for my still-life photography. When I finished the shooting, I took that hydrangea, put it into an old vase and placed it onto a window in the yard to let it go dry.

When I got back home, I “heard” those words “out of place” again and realised that the hydrangea would seem out of place on that ugly window as well. I took my camera and went to take that photo I saw in my mind.


It’s a different photo than the previous one but to me they feel connected. I love how all this clicked into place though it wasn’t either planned or expected.



    1. Susan, thank you so much, I’m pleased you like both the post and the photo. Your words are actually very encouraging. Feeling out of place was always a bad thing for me and now I start to discover that it doesn’t have to be so. What a change.

    1. Donna, thank you. I don’t like feeling vulnerable and I don’t like feeling out of place but the truth is that’s as many things, this is also just a question of attitude. I was thinking about your words I read earlier today, saying that “the shadow side tells of great promises inside”, and I can see the hint of the promises now which is something unexpected and beautiful.

  1. This last shot above here is superb Petra as is the one in the previous post. Out of place can have another meaning such as the position in the image of the main subject. You have framed the shots perfectly, as it rarely looks right for the main subject to be dead in the centre of the shot.

  2. Well, well, well. Apparently, what I lack in creativity I make up for in inspiring the creativity of others. Who knew? 🙂

    See? My shot would probably have cropped the white wall to the left and shown only the ribbed background. And I would probably have turned the vase so that the pears faced directly forward. Your shot is much more interesting than mine would have been. You have a keen eye, both with your vision and in your creative mind. Well done.

    1. Linda, thank you. You see, I was quite curious to see your reaction to being such an inspiration! 🙂

      I loved the L shape of the wall around the corner of the window, I wasn’t even considering another crop. But I wanted to turn the vase so that the pears were facing directly forward but changed my mind before finishing the move. It would look boring.

  3. Hi Petra, Thank you so much for stopping by today for a visit and your lovely comments. I too am taking Kim Klassen's Still Life Class so we are class buddies…..
    I love both of these captures you shared today. The fun part of photography is making it your own by shooting from any angle you so choose not the way someone else would do…Cheers for using your creativity to make the picture just as you wanted to….

    1. Nancy, thank you so much for your encouraging comment, I’m pleased you like the captures. I haven’t been able to fulfil all assignments we’ve got in the class but I have them all written down and sooner or later I want to let them inspire me. What I really love and didn’t expect is that following the class makes me follow my creativity, which is sort of a bonus effect for me.

  4. I hear you about fitting in! I often feel so awkward in social situations. Now, that's out of the way! 🙂 Hydrangeas have always been special to me. My grandmother had a large blue bush right off the front porch. My daughter used them in her wedding bouquet last weekend. I love the composition of this image. From the ribbed metal background to the off-center vase, it's quite remarkable. Keep studying and perfecting your craft. You are doing a beautiful job!

    1. Gail, thank you for your encouraging words, you’re very kind. I’m pleased you like the composition of the photo.

      The wedding bouquet in your photo looks awesome and decorative, it was a great choice. I didn’t notice it was made of Hydrangea flowers. I have two Hydrangea bushes in the garden which I brought from my mother in law but while she has them covered with flowers every year, mine are not that willing to cooperate…

  5. That is a beautiful picture. Hydrangeas have always been a favorite flower of mine. I decided that when I grew up, I would just have a yard full of them. I wish the climate that I live in now would accept them. It is just a little too hot for them to survive. And we have been in a drought.

    1. Thank you for the praise, Superman, I’m pleased you like the photo. I’m not quite successful at growing hydrangeas either but I don’t exactly know why. It might be because of the character and composition of soil in our garden or because of lack of nutrients… just guessing. I don’t give up though, at the moment I have two little plants growing!

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