Last Sunday Catholic church celebrated a “Celebration of flesh and blood of the Lord” which is a celebration related to Eucharist. On this occasion we always get a little wreath made of fresh green leaves in the local church and though I actually need to ask what it symbolises, I love its structure and freshness.


It inspired me this year to try and take a few photos with it, these are the ones I liked best. As the wreath actually gets dry quite quickly, I’m pleased I’ll have something to look at and remember. The freshness, the feelings, the spiritual mood.


There is no need to explain what “Bible” means as though it is pronounced differently in Czech, the written form is the same as in English. The other book named “Kancionál” is a hymn book, a book with songs sang during masses.



  1. Very nice images, Petra. When will I learn to read all of the post before I go off trying to figure things out by myself? I saw the title on the top book and used Google Translator to learn that it meant "hymn book." Then I finished reading the post and see that you explained it to us. I could have saved myself some effort. 🙂

    1. Linda, thank you, I’m pleased you like the images. I thought it would be helpful to translate the title of the other book as it’s quite important information in relation to the images.

      None harm done but jumping to conclusions before the lesson is finished may be quite tricky, you know… 😉

  2. The Catholic traditions are something I miss dearly. One day I may return when they relax the rules about a prior marriage. Your images came out beautifully. How do you pronounce Bible in Czech?

    1. Gail, thank you, I’m pleased you like the images. I understand your attitude about the catholic rules, I don’t identify myself with all them either. Yet there is more so that’s the choice I’ve made.

      In Czech, the word Bible is pronounced exactly in the same way as it is written, the accent is on the first syllable: [‘bible]. It sounds much harder than in the English pronunciation which is pleasantly soft.

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