Milk and cookies

How much fun do you think you would have shooting milk and cookies? When I read that assignment in the Be still 52 course I’m participating in and saw the images Kim created, I felt eager to give it a try. So many possibilities… I decided to arrange my props outside, as the morning light was so nice, and also I decided to add lilacs into the background as they were in full bloom all around and were complementing nicely the cookies I bought for this occasion.


I tried different depth of field, different perspectives, cookies whole and partly eaten… and eventually also a different format of the final images. I cropped all of the images quite tightly as it seemed to suit them very well.


I made the basic adjustments of the raw files in Lightroom and tweaked the settings a bit to give the images the feel I wanted them to have.


It was fun. Lots of fun. The presented images are the ones I liked best, my favourite among them being the first square image.



  1. I agree with Linda on the second one. My eye seems to be drawn to the glass of milk, then over to the other items. Bet you had fun shooting this! I would've had the cookies eaten before long.

    1. Gail, thanks for sharing your opinion, it’s great to know how others see the images. These cookies were a great choice because I like more how they look than how they taste so they lasted long enough for the shooting… 🙂

    1. Donna, you could always buy some just for the purpose of shooting but one doesn’t need to fulfil all of the assignments. Gathering these props wasn’t difficult for me as these are my husband’s favourite cookies, we buy them from time to time. When I saw the assignment, I knew right away which cookies I would want to shoot. Milk is in our fridge all the time as our younger son likes it, and also I use it for cooking from time to time.

  2. I can't decide which one I like, the purist in me wants to like the third one but the composition is tighter with the first and second. I like the focusing on the flowers in the second but much prefer the shooting angle of the first one.

    1. J, thank you for that analysis, it’s great to “see” the thoughts involved in assessing the images. With this type of photos I have this problem all the time, to decide which version I like most. It’s even more difficult for me than for others as I create and process the images and feel rather connected to them. I’m pleased you like something in all of those images displayed here.

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