Laundry time

I’ve already mentioned the task we got in the Be still 52 course, to try and capture quiet non-stylised real-life moments. We even got a few prompts to help us focus on a particular topic, one of them being “Laundry Time”. Well, there are many possibilities to capture that and I went for shooting our washed towels, dish towels and tablecloths hanging on the washing lines in our garden.


Nothing was specifically arranged for the photo and I count this as a still life photo though as you can see, the pieces were moving in a breeze…


The first photo is just basically adjusted, the other two images are further processed to get a bit different look.


I love hanging clothes in the garden to let them become dry, they smell of air and the garden and feel quite different. Without the assignment, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to take such a photo and I’m glad I did. It’s a nice remembrance of those moments which I like so much.



    1. Donna, thank you. I’m surprised that you have a house with a garden and yet you’re not allowed to hang the laundry there… I don’t get it. I’ve read that in some cities people are not allowed to hang their laundry in their balconies not to spoil the view of the city and though I understand that sometimes the laundry may not look nice, may be old or torn, I find this to be a controversial decision. I’m always so happy to get the laundry out… it’s practical and pleasant.

  1. Oh how I love these photographs. The colour, the idea of laundry swaying in the breeze, the clothesline, the blooming lilac, they all hearken back to days gone by and conjure a sense of peace and tranquility. Wel done!

    1. Rune, thanks for your feedback, it’s actually very interesting. I tried some adjustments and finally liked these two best, they actually change the background, not the laundry, which I favoured. The thing is, the other day I noticed that I liked an image which was very saturated and it occurred to me that I wouldn’t go that far in any of my photos though I liked that result. It would think I went overboard and the result would make me feel uncomfortable. The adjustments here seem already too much to me and yet you would pull the handles further which rings a bell… Perhaps for the sake of learning, it would be good to go overboard from time to time based on my perception and see what happens.

  2. These are all nice, although I tend to prefer the deeper colors of the first image. Hanging clothes on the line to dry is something that just isn't done much anymore. I tried it several years ago and wound up re-washing everything because of the little black bugs that were on the sheets when I brought them in. We do live among Amish, though, and they always hang theirs out, often even in winter.

    1. Linda, thank you for sharing your opinion. I have just one problem with bugs and that is that sometimes little yellow spots may appear on a piece of clothes but that’s not often and if I have something I want to protect like something new and white, I keep it inside as well. Hanging the laundry outside is very practical for me because it gets dry much faster, smells and feels nice, doesn’t increase air humidity inside which is a good thing in our old house and also I can wash (much) more laundry in the washing day. I would be afraid to hang the clothes outside in winter because I wouldn’t believe they are dry enough to be put into wardrobes but some people do it here as well.

    1. J, thank you. I find the original clear, colourful and merry and like it a lot but I find it interesting to try and give a photo another feel. I’m pleased you could see what I wanted to achieve here, which was to subdue the background a bit but not to change the lines with the clothes much to keep them somewhat highlighted.

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