Spring wandering

Every year, when cherry trees open their beautiful white flowers and enchant me with their charm, I feel compelled to go and capture the beauty. Last year I missed that occasion which doesn’t last very long but this year I took advantage of a nice weekend afternoon and asked my husband to go with me to the cherry tree orchard situated near our village. I intended to take a few captures there and go home but my husband took advantage of that stroll to get much further and eventually we explored the surroundings of our village much more thoroughly.

The following photo was taken just at the beginning of the village. I love that fresh greenery of the little leaves and tend to capture this spot repeatedly. It’s interesting to compare the captures taken throughout the years as they are and yet they are not the same.


The orchard is a nice place but this time it seemed a bit neglected and instead of shooting we were discussing its condition.


There must be a lot of work to be done to keep the orchard in shape and the trees are old and may not have enough good quality fruit any more so the work may not pay off.

Then we got to the fields and meadows stretching around the village and some places looked very nice…


Along the way we saw several hunter’s stands and started a few deer does…

Well, it was much easier to get a photo of such a stand than a photo of any of the does as they always took us by surprise. They were hidden in the fields and among bushes and until they started to run, away from us of course, we had no idea they were there. Here is one of the hunter’s stands:


We also saw evidence of boars having been there but fortunately we didn’t start any of them, hopefully they were far enough.

Eventually we got back to the village but from quite a different direction than I had expected. I was pleased to take this photo at an old dilapidated house we were passing by:


We got home tired, with our clothes and shoes dirty from mud, but enormously pleased. It was a great afternoon!



  1. What a lovely visual trip around your neighbourhood in your village. It is indeed most beautiful. I think I saw a "Deer Stand" in photo 4 – that is what we would call it. You could hide up there and be very quiet and shoot photos of wild life. Most people use them here to hunt or perhaps it is a child's fort?? Lovely photos of a most lovely afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lilly, thank you, I’m pleased you like the captures. You’re right about the deer stand, I changed the text a bit to make it better comprehensible. It’s a hunter’s stand intended for huntsmen who wait there for the animals to come closer. Some of these stands are closed, some are open or semi-open, there is quite a big variety. Theoretically they might be used for shooting photos as well but their purpose is primarily to support hunting.

    1. Red, I was so glad he went with me as the shooting turned into much deeper experience.
      It was interesting that when one of the does jumped out of a near bush, we both instinctively grabbed our cameras and tried to capture it but it was too fast and we didn’t have the right settings, so I guess there might be a fair chance of getting such a capture… some time…

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