52-week photoproject – Week 52


Peek into fairyland
Canon EOS 500D, 28-105 mm, 1/60 at f/5,6, 0 EV, 28 mm, ISO 400


    1. Roy, thank you. I think you are right about the focus around the entrance and the window details. There wasn’t much light as we came there later than I expected and the light faded out quickly. To go up to f8 would mean to increase the ISO value to 800 which makes very noisy photos on my camera or to prolong the time of the capture but I didn’t have a tripod as we went just for a quick walk while snowing and I didn’t expect to take photos I could use. It would have been ideal to come next day, earlier and with the tripod and I quite regret I haven’t done that. Yet I tried now to add a bit more clarity to this photo in the post processing and it seems to me it helps. The photo is a bit brighter and better focused in those mentioned parts. I thought there was too much contrast at first and went for this softer version but that might not have been the best option. Thanks for the feedback.

  1. Congratulation – you have made it: A 52-week photography project! Don't mind the noisiness if it only for the blog – it wouldn't show up here, and if you print it much of it will disappear. However I have feeling that the building is leaning slightly to the left – or are my eyes fooling me?
    A Happy New Year to you!

    1. Rune, thank you, I’m happy I’ve made it! 🙂 I intend to post evaluation of the whole project in my next post to finish the process.
      Thanks for the comment on the noise. There is not the one and only right answer about how much noise is acceptable as it differs based on individual photos and the noise issue seems quite tricky.
      It doesn’t seem to me that the building would be leaning to the left. I straightened the lines and checked them against a grid to be all right. But I haven’t checked them with a millimetre scale rule so there might still be something to improve.

  2. This is a nice image to close out your photo project. You've captured it well in spite of the less-than-ideal lighting. I like the starkness of all the lines and angles of the building combined with the snow and bare trees. The red adds just the right amount of color. Now you can heave a sigh of relief that this challenging project is behind you. 🙂

    1. Linda, thank you, I’m pleased you like the image. In the course of the project I learnt how important it is not only to take a good photo but also to be able to post process it to get the best out of it. I wouldn’t have been able to create such an image a year ago in many regards and that makes me feel good. The bad may be forgotten and the good may last forever.

  3. As the lighting has already been mentioned and I usually have similar problems, I'll not talk about that.
    What I would like to say is I can see where you are going with the composition … it's paramount that you show all of the door and best efforts to get all of the main tower in between the two distant tree trunks.
    Nice building and I do like the greenery in the bushes, it gives something extra tin colour to the picture.

    Lastly, I've thoroughly enjoyed following this project over the year, it has been a highlight and an education to us all and a great opportunity to discuss and provide feedback thoughts on your developing artistic eye.

    1. J, I’m always amazed to see how differently a capture may look when you move your camera a few centimetres here and there. I liked this composition best, it had the right amount of everything. 🙂

      This building had been in a devastated state for many years until a few years ago some company bought it and started to renovate it. Every time we come there another part is repaired and it’s wonderful to watch the change…

      I’m pleased you liked following this project, thank you for all the thoughtful comments you left!

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