52-week photoproject – Week 50


Looking forward to Christmas
Canon EOS 500D, 18-55 mm, 2,5 at f/8, -1 EV, 55 mm, ISO 200


  1. You have made a very fine Christmas card that you shall be proud of. Personally I may have considered flipping it horizontally, but that is a matter of taste.

    Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones!

    1. Linda, thank you. I was exposing for the lights not to have them over burnt and then corrected the shadows a bit in post-production to have good balance. I took the photo behind a shop window lit in the evening in a dark street, there was too much of contrast to get it all right in the camera. This photo has taught me a great deal.

  2. Love the contrast and colours here.

    I'll catch up with your other material just after Christmas … trying to get a Christmas post published.

    Happy Christmas to you Petra and your family.

    1. J, thank you for both your praise and wishes. I’m looking forward to your Christmas post as well as to your next comments, they always bring interesting insight into my photos.

      Let’s enjoy the Christmas time, it’s right at the door!

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