Art in Klenová

In my previous post I promised to share some information about art we could see in Klenová and here I am to fulfil my promise.

The castle in Klenová serves to present works of art in many forms. During our visit we saw an exhibition of paintings, an exhibition of photographs and several statues placed in the premises of the castle. There were more than you will see in my photos but these were the ones that impressed me most. Please take into account that looking at my captures doesn’t correspond entirely to standing in the statues’s nearness and even touching them…

I have to admit that I quite regret now that I didn’t write down the names of the pieces and their creators, I’ve captured just two labels along with the works. You may not know the artists as well as I don’t know them but it suddenly seems right to state their authorship. Next time I intend to keep this aspect in mind.

Here is one of the identifiable: “Bull from Corrida” by Vincenc Vingler. We saw it right after our arrival and my attention was captured right away. It is made of metal, needless to add, I guess.


Do you remember that small church in the previous post? For that post I cropped the photo somewhat to avoid confusing you but here you can see what the scenery looked like:


In fact, we were disappointed by the “marred” view of the church but I really loved a detail of the feet. When looked at closely, they seemed to be made out of paper.


The following sculpture was named “Medusa” and it reminded me of Jules Verne’s novels. I took also a detail of the base which you could see posted in my photoproject for the Week 41 when we visited Klenová.


The metal ball below represents an “Endless tablecloth” by Čestmír Suška, what an apt name! Would you expect humour attached to a ball?


In the inner yard of the castle I saw an enormous sculpture I didn’t know what to think about:


Only after getting around it and looking at it from another angle I realised I had seen it from behind, the front part discovered a figure.


A figure of a very modern interpretation of a knight, to be precise…

From the same entrance you could see another sculpture, this time of a “car driver”:


I’ve taken quite a few photos of this sculpture, it looked very different when captured from the entrance:


… and from another spot in the yard:


Of course, the blue sky made it shine…

I admire that imagination that leads to creation of such art works as well as I admire the courage to share them with the public. You may like them or not, either way they change the way you perceive the life itself.



  1. I know this is not your photog blog Petra, but I have to comment on it.
    Both these posts on Klenova have really shown your skills as a Photographer. The shots are nicely framed and presented. A pleasure to look at.

    1. Roy, thank you very much for your appreciative words. It is very different to choose just one photo and let it speak for itself and to compile such a series of photos accompanied by a text but the purpose to practise more and regularly bears fruit and I feel I’ve learnt a lot this year. I’m thrilled to know that it’s not just my feeling. 🙂

    1. Susie, thank you for sharing your opinion. The blue of the sky was wonderful, the captures wouldn’t be so prominent without it so I was lucky to enjoy that.

      The knight was very tall and strange and I didn’t actually like it much yet despite of that I find it interesting.

  2. The car driver and the modern day knight are really cool. The bull is nasty looking – like its ready to charge. I did attend a bullfight in Madrid and also watched fools run with the bulls (as I was safely on a terrace). I love your posts. They teach me about things I would never know. The Church nestled amongst the colourful trees reminds me of a country Church here at home and the feet – WOW – Extraordinaire and I could just picture the rest of the body that would go with that…..with my love for Sci'Fi. Great post my dear and so nice to see you. Thank you for the lovely comment. It is fun to change backgrounds n headers – kinda like cleaning the house and having a different view, eh. Have a wonderful day and thank you for such an interesting post.

    1. Lilly, thank you. I liked the bull enormously, its metal surface was beautifully coloured.
      All of these were new to me, one learns things they would never know all the time! I’m pleased you always find something interesting in my posts. 🙂

    1. Sarah, thank you, I’m pleased that you can see any progress in my photography skills. I was enchanted by that sculpture and its contrast against the sky and it was very interesting to notice how differently it looked from various angles.

  3. What interesting works of art! My vote goes to feet, endless tablecloth, and a car driver. Who came up with such funny idea of making feet of the tree!It looks like a tree man. The idea of "endless tablecloth" is humorous.
    A car driver is really unified with the car. Thank you, Petra, I enjoyed a lot.

  4. Photographing sculptures or artwork whether I like them or not always fascinates me. You have done a very good job here at displaying them well. As always the doorway and window framing interests me greatly as does the car driver against that magnificent blue sky.

    As a point of information you could always do a Google search then a Google image search to find the name of the sculpture / artwork. I was with company on my July post of Chatsworth House and didn't have time or inclination to document the pieces due to conversation also I didn't know which ones would be selected for publication. The Internet search later was easy for some and a little difficult for others due to the unique descriptions I was searching for.

    I was wondering if this was a permanent exhibition or just a temporary one. It seems that many expensive entrance fees for historic houses (Chatsworth House, Derbyshire being one of them) have warmed to the idea that temporary sculpture exhibitions create extra revenue with increased repeat and new visitor numbers.

    1. J, thank you, I’m pleased you like the captures. I absolutely agree with you that it’s very interesting to photograph sculptures and other artwork. Firstly, they usually have three dimensions while the captures have just two dimensions so there needs to be done or added something extra to make them as impressive as they are in reality. I’d say that great composition of the photo, good colours or contrast with something appropriate can make up for the third dimension.

      It hadn’t occurred to me to use the Google image search for finding out the names of the works but I’ll surely try that next time. I’m quite curious to see its results because I tried it once on a different occasion and the search didn’t find anything relevant. Nevertheless, that was a long time ago and not that concrete as the art works so the chance of success might be much better in this case. Actually, I’m so curious that I may do the search for these images too! 🙂

      Unfortunately I didn’t ask whether the sculptures are placed permanently at Klenová but when we were planning that trip, I saw some photos in Klenová gallery official website and there were different sculptures. It indicates that there might be at least some changes from time to time. There were also the exhibitions of paintings and photographs I mentioned which were temporary for sure. That means there is always something new and I think it’s a good policy. Admission fee is not that high as in Chatsworth House but the change may bring visitors back which is important.

  5. I totally love this new template, Petra, and congratulate you on its beauty for your posts.

    I am such a lover of art sculptures like this wherever we travel. You did a fabulous job of presenting them in their beauty (on a good day, I see). I don't always pay attention to all the tags either, assuming I can find the information at home when I Google the place. But then so often I'm disappointed to find nothing or too little. So, yes, sometimes I, too, tell myself to pay better attention.

    1. Ginnie, thank you, you’re very kind. The day was good and that was perfect, half of the photo’s success! I’m pleased you like the current template. I wish I knew better how to tweak the html code to have it more tailor-made in all its details…

  6. These are all interesting and extremely well photographed, Petra. I am drawn more toward realistic art than to the whimsical, but my two favorite shots in this post are both of the car driver, which is anything but realistic. The last one, of course, is eye-popping, thanks to that brilliant blue sky. But my overall favorite is the one looking through the entrance. It's beautifully composed, and I really like the colors in the stone arch of the doorway. I agree with those who have commented about the advances you've made in your photography. Your hard work is paying off.

    1. Linda, thank you very much, you’re kind. I’m aware of the fact that my way of taking photographs has changed a bit. Something is more routine and something is new, both necessary. I need to learn much more but I like that feeling that I proceed along the way.

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