52-week photoproject – Week 45


Back in time
Canon EOS 500D, 28-105 mm, 1/160 at f/13, 0 EV, 28 mm, ISO 200


  1. The historic building, the title and the sepia effect all seem to link together but for me the reflection might work better in this particular instance, nice use of the colour or rather lack of it.

    1. J, thank you. We were passing by this castle in the evening, just a while before sunset and the castle was beautifully lit by the setting sun. Yet the photo looks much better to me in this monochrome version than in those colours.

      I’m afraid I don’t understand exactly what you mean by remarking that “the reflection might work better”. Do you mean that the castle should have been mirrored clearly in the water? The thing is that the castle is reflected in a river and that’s why the water isn’t still and the reflection is so unclear.

  2. You may not have taken the photo for the reflection as the river is moving. What I meant was that the monochrome enhances the reflection rather than the coloured dark blue river which would veil it a little.

    1. J, thanks for the explaining. You’re right, I din’t take the photo for the reflection. It’s rather funny that I took it for the colours which I eventually discarded… 🙂

      I had to look at the original again to see the colours and shapes of both the reflection and the river and it’s true that the river was dark blue with yellow reflection of the castle which wouldn’t look bad at all if the reflection was clear but it’s blurred and the combination doesn’t look good. The monochrome does enhance the reflection and adds certain balance to the picture.

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