52-week photoproject – Week 42


Canon EOS 500D, 28-105 mm, 1/60 at f/8, -0,33 EV, 28 mm, ISO 400


    1. Rune, thanks for sharing your ideas. The idea of the person sounds good, it would be interesting to try something like that next time. I don’t have many people in my photos. On the other hand, the abstraction is something I may not be able to see here. I like the serenity of the capture and the contrast of the erosive change of the rock that is permanent versus the autumnal change of the leaves that is sort of temporary… Nevertheless, I can understand that someone else may find that somewhat boring.

  1. I'm struggling with this one somewhat Petra.
    There is no focal point such as Rune was discussing, but you are leaning towards abstract art here.
    The 'Changes' (Metamorphoses) in the trees from Summer to Autumn is understood. It could seem boring to some.

    1. Roy, thanks for sharing your opinion, I guess I get the point. I’d say that the idea behind this capture is not strong enough to be prominent and I’d love to see that abstraction you and Rune have mentioned fulfilled in this photo. I may need to learn much more to get there…

  2. Interesting collage of texture and colour that works.
    Reading all the other comments, I understand where they are all coming from and kind of have a concluding thought that it's a kind of quality Art / screensaver shot that stands out on its own.

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