52-week photoproject – Week 37


Pyracantha ‘Orange Glow’
Canon EOS 500D, 55-250 mm, 1/80 at f/5, -0,33 EV, 116 mm, ISO 100


  1. You did well under the circumstances Petra. You may have got a slightly higher 'f' number like 7.1 if the ISO had been a little higher. In that case you may have got the green leaves in focus as well.

    1. Roy, thanks for sharing your point of view. As many times before, I had several versions of this photo and there is quite an interesting story behind them. I took a photo of this bush a week ago but it was just a quick capture which I didn’t want to use so I decided to give it another try next week. The first photo had the leaves and the branch sharp along with the rest of the bush while the fence was beautifully blurred and lit. It’s interesting, but the left branch looked more prominent there than all the colourful berries… I would think there is no problem in repeating such a photo but when I tried next week I didn’t achieve that same look, not even with a higher ‘f’ number. The lens was the same but light obviously different. And according to the rules of this photoproject I couldn’t grab the older capture. Making a long story short, I liked this capture best from the new series…

  2. Here is quite a bit of collection of interesting patterns and lines. I see that the aperture has already been discussed. I have a feeling that you should have tried the lens wide open, but moved in a bit closer. That way you would a have had a more clear point of attention. As it is there is no clear point that draws the eyes.

    1. RuneE, thanks for sharing your point of view, I’m pleased you found something interesting in the photo. I agree with you, there is nothing special to lead one’s eye and the patterns and lines may become a bit overwhelming. I took the photo from several distances with several settings and I’d conclude that it should have been taken also on several days.

  3. As always I try to make my mind up about it before reading the other comments as I'm usually late here.
    Firstly I'm reminded about this shrub as I had two variants of this in my previous garden and was great against the boundary fence.The birds loved to come and take the berries particularly in winter.

    I am struck by the powerful light and how the camera has controlled it. I noticed the out of focus leaves to the left before I spotted the rear fence. It seems to me that you have tried to graduate the focusing and works well as a concept. Personally after studying the photo for a bit longer, I'm inclined to think that I would prefer the greenery to the left in focus as well. However, on seeing that version, I would then say that it might be better slightly out of focus to give it more depth 🙂
    In conclusion, I think there is no definitive answer and it is what it is to the photographer.

    1. J, thanks for sharing your opinion. It’s true that sometimes it’s tricky to say which version of a capture is the best one. I saw several versions of this capture and can’t decide it unwaveringly myself. 🙂

      As for the light, I also like the way it enhances the shrub. The resulting photo is post processed so of course it looks better than the capture coming out of the camera. Nevertheless, the data must have been there, right? I read somewhere that with post processing you can make a great photo from a good one but you can’t make a good photo from a bad one, which I find generally to be true. Also, I started shooting raw files a few months ago which adds to the processing for sure. There are more data to work with.

      I agree with you that it’s best first to let the photo speak to you and make up your mind what you like or don’t like about it before reading the other comments… By the way, I’ve been astonished to see the amount of the berries, they look prominent even from quite a long distance.

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