52-week photoproject – Week 33


Battered beauty
Canon EOS 500D, 28-105 mm, 1/200 at f/7,1, 0 EV, 105 mm, ISO 400


  1. I think there is too much detail here Petra.
    If you had cropped into the grainy piece of wood (bottom left) with the twig and the letter, it would have been much more interesting.
    (my personal opinion only of course and not detracting from the good image itself.)

    1. Roy, thank you for sharing your personal opinion, I find it constructive. 🙂 I’m always interested in getting to know what others may or may not see in the photo, that is priceless feedback. You know, I like the contrast between the green leaves and brown door with all its details and hadn’t thought for a while about cropping the photo differently. I tried to crop it now as you suggested but didn’t find the result more interesting than this version. Yet I understand what you mean, there seem to be too many pieces of information which may make it harder to get focused. It’s a good point to think about next time when taking and editing such a photo.

  2. I actually like all the detail. The composition is good and the eye keeps wandering to capture all that is contained within the image. It is a photo to keep coming back to and find things you missed the first time round.

    1. Cheryl, thank you. I’m pleased firstly that you like the photo as it is and secondly that you don’t find it confusing but inviting to come back and have a second look. It’s interesting to see how differently people perceive one and the same image…

  3. One would expect that a door as battered as this one would have a more neglected look to it, but the stain on it has such a warmth of color that the nicks and scratches seem to enhance the overall look. The hardware on the door adds interest, as do the unusual mailbox and its contents. I almost didn't notice the green leaves until you mentioned them in a comment. Very nice.

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