Blatná castle


Amidst marshland, situated on rock bedrock, a wooden fortress used to stand. Then, in the 13th century, the fortress was rebuilt into a castle. Later a moat was built in the place of the marsh to protect the castle. That is where the history of the castle in Blatná, which is a small town in South Bohemia, dates back.


The era of the family of the house of Rožmitál in the 15th century, under which the castle was remodelled significantly, is considered as the most important period in the castle’s history and sometimes it is called a golden age of the castle. The family of the house of Rožmitál was very influential and held many significant posts. Jaroslav Lev of the house of Rožmitál was a relative to George of Poděbrady, the King of Bohemia, who ruled from 1458 to 1471. Jaroslav Lev was designated as a leader of a representative Bohemian mission of forty lords and knights that was travelling European courts from 1465 to 1467 to gain regard for politics of the king aimed at creating a general peace union. Description of this travelling by Václav Šašek of Bířkov became the first Bohemian book of travels.


As each castle, also this one had many owners. The last family possessing it has been the family of Václav Karel Hildprandt who bought the castle in 1798.


In 1948, when the communist party seized the rule, the castle was confiscated by the state. Thanks to relations with the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selasie I., the Hildprandt family was allowed to emigrate to Ethiopia in 1958. In 1990, after gaining the castle back into possession, baroness Kornelia Hildprandt returned to the Czech Republic and her family make an effort now to restore the castle and keep it open to the public.


There is a lot that needs to be done before the restoration is finished but I applaud to that attitude and all the work that has been done. This time we didn’t attend a guided tour so when I was reading the background information a moment ago, I was amazed to learn about the importance of the castle and its inhabitants in the history of Bohemia and thus the Czech Republic.


And yet, there were no lines waiting to get inside the castle, there was no crowded parking lot…


The first photo of this post shows the entrance to the castle from the town, the other photos were taken in the castle’s yard.


There is also a large park by the castle where you can meet fallow deer and peacocks freely roaming among visitors. I’m going to take you there in my next post.



  1. Red

    I think this turned out right that the family got their property back. It's also great that they are putting money into it to make it open to the public. Great history

    1. Red, thank you. There are so many sad personal stories hidden in all the castles confiscated by the state in the late forties… and it is great that the families got their property back. But I need to add that not everyone likes it, of course…

  2. What a great story and history of this Palace. It is indeed a most beautiful place and so wonderful money is being used to have it open to the public, so all may learn its history. Very interesting post and great history. Happy to see you again, always. Lilly

  3. I enjoyed the history, too, Petra; but the photos are what really captured my attention. You can be very proud of these. The composition of each one is really lovely, and you achieved perfect lighting, bringing out the richness of the old stone walls. My favorite is the second image. I just like all the lines in that one, especially the drain pipe to the right which is complemented by the lines of the vine to the left. Great post.

    1. Linda, thank you. I’m very pleased the captures caught your attention.

      Your remark about the second photo is very interesting. You see, I quite regretted that I couldn’t get rid of that drain pipe and didn’t see that complementation by the lines of the vine but I liked the result itself. But you’re right, it makes sense when I know what to look at. 🙂

  4. It must be so nice to live in a country with real castles, open to the public. I'm looking forward to the tour of your garden.

    Some people had problems viewing photos on my blog after I updated Lightroom and got a new camera. I believe the problem was displaying larger files so I downsized the images and all is well. I have no problem viewing your photos.

  5. Fascinating history both ancient and modern. These are a wonderful collection of shots that would give a photographer great pleasure on location with the camera. Hope you enjoyed taking them as much as I enjoyed looking at your work.

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