Once I was standing on a bank of a pond, watching a duck resting just opposite and admiring its reflection in the water. It was such a tranquil scene… I zoomed in my camera in an effort to capture the impression but when I opened the photo on my laptop, I felt taken aback. Is this what I saw at the place? There is something wrong with the picture…

And then it dawned on me. The reflection did not look as I supposed it should. The duck was there but there were also trees mirroring themselves in the water which could not be seen in the upper part of the photo. Thus the resulting image consisted of two not quite matching parts. That made me think about reflections.

Mental reflections, that is to say. Our mind is able to reflect everything, not only what we can see at the moment but also what we were able to see before, even without realizing it. In the reflection we can find what is hidden to our awareness. We can distinguish new structures, conjure new patterns, identify unusual hues. We can rediscover what was forgotten, realize what was not thought over, glimpse an unexpected solution. Sometimes the picture may seem unbalanced at first or make us confused but eventually – when we look long enough – it reveals its message.

Isn’t reflection a gate inviting us to an exciting world of new views, understanding and enrichment?



  1. Soosie

    Stunning image – and thought provoking post. How right you are. Something I need to remember. And through examining that discomfort my world is enllarged and, as you say, enriched.
    Thank you.

  2. Marcie

    What a perfect visual metaphor for what goes on inside us when we reflect. It's the myriad of life's experiences that make it so that we see what we see…and are who we are. And – so much is invisible to our conscious. Brilliant. Thank-you!

  3. SaucyKod

    Over here, we call it a second sight or second sense with the ability to see beyond what is actually in front of you. Someone told me once, I had a photographer's eye. I wasn't really sure what that meant, however, over time I have grown to appreciate "the eye" – Your post is perfect – your visual metaphor inside reflections , the mind , us as individuals and the ability to capture unknowingly OR with visual perception at its highest point. Lovely post and beautiful reflection.

  4. Donna@Gardens Eye View

    Beautiful images and thoughts….it is so true that our reflections about our lives many times either shadow that which we want to forget and illuminate that which we did not see so clearly before. Brilliant post Petra!

  5. Elena Caravela

    It is. I think that is one reason taking pictures is so interesting, making art of any kind, in fact. It switches up the brain. You've included a very clever image. Wonderfully said Petra. Thank you.

  6. Honey

    i was thinking of the lovely reflective distortion i feel with water, and the difference i feel when i look into a mirror with my thoughts. water seems to bubble up memories that are different than the ones i see in the mirror. sometimes.
    a great topic and a terrific post.

  7. Barb

    What a beautiful shot and I love your reflections (no pun intended) on the difference between the two. There are so many parallels in what you observed. So much of what we see in the world reflects our perception, doesn't it? Sometimes the reflecting makes for more depth and richness – sometimes more truth is revealed. There is a nice wisdom in what you're captured here, Petra.

  8. Catherine

    I love reflection images like this and I am enjoying your photography journey and the way it is engaging your thinking too! Wise words Petra…

  9. Linda At To Behold The Beauty

    I love the image, Petra, as well as the reflections, both photographic and intellectual. The practical application you've attached to the photo is spot on. We often don't see the depth and richness of an experience until we reflect on it further.

  10. Sarah Laurence

    Nice image! I like how you linked a physical reflection to a mental one. The camera works differently than the eye-mind. Our brain corrects what we see.

  11. Maery Rose

    The previous comments say it all. Your words remind me of what I discover when I write. Rarely does the writing reflect what I was planning on writing. I learn something new all the time!

  12. Kelly

    Yes, and what a perfect image to illustrate just that! So much of what we "see" gets filtered by what our brain tells us we are seeing… sometimes we have to look really hard to discover the truth, even though it is sitting right before us. Much to think about here!

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