52-week photoproject – Week 24


Campanula persicifolia
Canon EOS 500D, 55-250 mm, 1/320 at f/10, 0 EV, 154 mm, ISO 200


    1. Gail, thank you. That unusual blue background belongs to the foundation wall of our house. One day last week I opened the gate and noticed this combination and ran to get my camera to capture that moment. I’ve never noticed before…

  1. Quite a difficult focusing thing to get away with for the nature purist. I think you managed it as a subject that makes viewers look a little longer … same thing occurs in an Art Gallery I suppose, hidden praise there if ever you've seen it 🙂

    1. J, thank you. I’m pleased you try to see more than what can be seen at first sight. I like the focus, of course, otherwise the photo would not be here but I also understand that others may not share my opinion. I still find it tricky to get the right amount of focus which others would like…

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