52-week photoproject – Week 19


Dressy girl

(Paeonia suffruticosa)

Canon EOS 500D, 55-250 mm, 1/200 at f/13, -0,33 EV, 100 mm, ISO 200


    1. Linda, thank you, I’m pleased you like the photo. I tried to shoot the flowers on the Paeonia bush in different times of the day – in the morning, afternoon and late afternoon and the best captures were the ones taken in the morning. The light was so different in the different parts of the day!

    1. Roy, I get your point but I’m not sure f8 would be good enough as the aim was to have the petals sharp as much as possible. I took quite a few photos of these flowers, in different parts of the day and with different settings as well. In the last “series” I had the mentioned settings set for a bigger detail when even at f13 most of the petals were more or less blurred. I zoomed out a bit and took two more photos of the whole flower at that angle and then called it a day. This photo was the last one I took and though you may find the settings to be not good enough, I really like the result. It was a hard one to achieve actually because there were so many details to consider both in the bush and in the capture.

  1. This subject in many ways is not something I know much about although my garden competes harshly with my summer activities. What I like about the photo is the simplicity of the two colours and how everything is looking and pointing to the left. That makes it different and in a sense original.

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