Happy Easter

I have one more photo from Rabštejn nad Střelou which I want to share with you, I saved it for this special Easter occasion. Easter is a symbol of hope and generosity to me and the hallelujah it sings gives strengths and humility, both of which we need.

Enjoy the Easter days and let them fill you to the brim.

Happy Easter!


Bůh s Tebou – God be with you



  1. I love the image and the words. Here we usually celebrate Christmas regardless of religious significance but somehow I don't think Easter is so popular. "Great Invocation" is my favorite prayer. Enjoy the Easter days, Petra!
    p.s. The story of Rabstejn is interesting. Looking forward to seeing your visiting it again.

    1. Keiko, thank you. Here it is similar – Christmas is celebrated by lots of people, not only by Christians, but Easter isn’t that popular. Yet there are local customs celebrating Easter as a feast of spring, that adds to its attraction.

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