“Creativity is not just for artists.
It’s for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale;
it’s for engineers trying to solve a problem;
it’s for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way.”
Twyla Tharp, a dancer and choreographer

Many times it seems to me that I lack creativity absolutely but when I look at my ordinary day through the glasses of this quote, I realise how much wisdom they reveal.

We are creative in

solving our family and personal problems
impressing those we want to impress
looking for new opportunities
climbing career ladders
fulfilling our needs

trying to keep ourselves comfortable
arranging clothes in our wardrobes
setting tables and making beds
finding time for our hobbies
making our lives better

How many items could we add on this list! Makes me feel better right away.



  1. I've read your new post about creativity. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading thoughtful and "creative" comments. I am one of those who lament for lack of creativity but the comments made sense and encouraged me. The point is how I could revel my life satisfying my own true self. In doing so, I think creativity comes out by itself, hopefully.
    Looks like the sculptures are having lots of fun.

    1. Keiko, thank you for your point of view. I was thinking about whether the attitude expressed in the quote is not just cold comfort for those not gifted in the art field but I truly don’t think so. Creativity reveals itself in many shapes and colours and we should be aware of and grateful for that. The comments always add significantly to a post and bring new inspiration and encouragement. And yes, the trunks looked playful. 🙂

  2. Soosie

    Oh Petra. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have mourned for most of my life that I do not have the creative spark – that I am an appreciator and not a creator. And this post has made me rethink as nothing else every has.
    And I love the sky vistas on those tree trunks. So very much – so thank you for them too.

  3. Marcie

    I've read that Twyla Tharp book three times – :-)!! And I truly believe that every single thing we do – is a creative act. What a wonderful reminder..thank-you!

  4. Sue

    When I was a teacher, many people said I was 'such a creative teacher.' I always replied, "There are two types of creative teachers: those who dream up the innovative ideas and those who are able to borrow those ideas and make them work in their environment." I always felt like the later.
    I often feel that way with my photography as well.

  5. Zena

    I try to teach this same concept to my students. As future educators it seems to me very important to make them understand not only that creativity it´s a great skill in order to deal with their daily professional practice (indeed, I think that creativity has prevented me from feeling burned out), but also, that creativity is not only for some kind of people, every person is already creative and can be as much creative as she or he wants to, not because has a special artistic talent (that´s only a consequence and it´s also related to other variables) but because it´s a gift that is already inside us…

  6. Donna@Gardens Eye View

    Oh Petra how absolutely heart soaring this post is…it has lifted my spirits and washed my fear of my own creativity (or perceived lack there of) away. Thank you and here's to all our creative souls…may be continue to nurture our unique and loving creativity!!

  7. Catherine

    Petra I also believe this too! Creativity is like an approach or a way of life isn't it, more than an exclusive club of artists? I will add a few more to that list and savour it today, many thanks……..

  8. Ginnie

    One of the first things that popped into my head after reading this, Petra, is an example of creativity that totally blows my mind every time I think of it: MUSIC. How is it possible that there are so many genres and so many songs STILL BEING CREATED that are all different. It's mind-boggling! Then start talking about every other possible art form or exercise or thought process or activity…and the sky really is the limit!
    For those of us who aren't as "naturally" creative as others, we really DO need to believe it's really all there…and just needs to be seen with new eyes. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Deborah

    This is a great way to start my morning, reading the thought provoking post and then all the comments! Creativity has been in my thoughts a lot recently, and a dear friend loaned ma a book that invites the reader to be creative every day. As so many have said here, we really already are creative, each of us, but we don't often think we are. Your post points out so well that our creating occurs in the most mundane moments of each day…and we just need to be more aware.

  10. Robin Aka Gotham Girl

    I love that creativity is everywhere! I'll add one to the list…I recently purchase a really really nice make-up brush to put on my foundation and WOW! Now every time I put my make-up on I think I'm a painter, lol! But, I must say…if you wear foundation and haven't tried a brush yet to apply it…it makes a HUGE difference! Happy St. Patty's day everybody!

  11. Susie@Life-Change-Compost

    I believe that this kind of creativity often involves getting out of our own way! There is so much we can be if we don't worry so much, at least this is true in my case. One of my favorite acapella songs derived from an ancient Haiku goes: *Simply trust. Don't the leaves flutter down. Just like that.*
    When sung as a choir with voices adding gradually one and then two and then three, it becomes a soaring inspiration.
    My creative juices flow when I get out of myself and really "see" another person.

  12. Elena Caravela

    For sure Petra! When people talk about an education in the arts as a waste of money or time, I answer (mentally or in reality), that everything manufactured is designed, creativity is woven into the fabric of everyday life while playing with children, solving problems big and small, and simply learning to revel in the freedom of thought. Great post.

  13. Barbara

    You are so, so, correct, Petra. We tend to define creativity in such narrow ways – and yet we're creatives, all of us, every day – in so many ways.

  14. Kelly

    I so agree… everyone is creative! I think it's one of those words that gets applied only to certain professions/pursuits, but everyday life is filled with creativity, for all of us. Yay for a post that revels in it!

  15. SaucyKod

    This is so very true – most of the time people do not realize how creative they are every day in even doing the most mundane jobs around the house. How many times can you make use of something? before it is thrown out, or how many people in this wide world have the most unique and creative houses, closets, pantry's…….even how one does a wash can be very creative from how I do one. This is a wonderful quote and I think we could add many many more sentences to it. Have a wonderfully creative day 🙂

  16. Maery Rose

    Very true Petra. When people say to me that they aren't creative, I ask them about some of the things that I know they do like gardening, decorating their house, fixing their hair, putting together an amazing combination of accessories and colors when they get dressed, cooking a meal, creating a Powerpoint presentation, etc. These are all creative acts that require you to imagine how something will look, to combine things in a certain way, to make adjustments until you get the result you were looking for. It is the same practice that people with the title of artist do.

  17. Jennifer Richardson

    so true, Petra.
    I think maybe creativity is more of a way
    than a what.
    your image is bursting with creativity!
    thanks for sharing all the life sparks,

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