52-week photoproject – Week 10


Canon EOS 500D, 28-105 mm, 1/60 at f/5, -0,33 EV, 105 mm, ISO 400


    1. Linda, thank you. I’d wish the wall looked better but sometimes it’s just take it as it is or leave it, and I liked the detail. I was thinking about the reflection whether it is nice or not and arrived at the same opinion as you, I think it enhances the photo and makes it more interesting.

  1. Sorry Petra, I am struggling to see some artistic value in this shot. I would have liked to have seen the shot taken from down low and from the right to test the depth of field. My comment is purely subjective of course, so don't read anything into it, as others can easily see it differently.

    1. Roy, that’s all right, thanks for expressing your point of view anyway. I like the composition though I wish the wall looked prettier. I think that technically the depth of field should have been bigger, if only I used the tripod I even had with me. It just didn’t seem to be a capture worthy of that effort at that moment. And perhaps it wasn’t, just an idea passing by.

  2. I agree with Linda on the reflection in the window. I almost thought this was two shots side-by-side because of the way the pole divides the window and the square shape. The colors are nice, too.

  3. Yes yes yes. I love the composition and also the colour contrasts. This is the kind of shot that evolved my style from following blogs over the last few years. Personally if I took the photo, I might have had a go at cloning out the lower part of the wall but it is what it is. I'm undecided on the reflection, it gives the picture depth and mystery as opposed to the dark window that I might have used from the top left pane.
    All the same I like this shot a lot.

    1. J, thank you. I was also thinking about the cloning of the lower part of the wall but I gave up the idea quickly. If you have a close look at all the details, you’ll find out that many of them are actually not very nice. Should they be cloned out as well? What would the photo become? A nice but empty vessel without any content? Sometimes I struggle with that need of decision what to keep real and what to modify, every photo is unique in this regard. In this case I opted out of the cloning because what I wanted to capture wasn’t beauty but an idea.
      As for the reflection in the window, it wasn’t my intention to catch it but I’m glad it’s there. As you’ve written, it gives the picture depth and I like it.

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