Revisiting Kozel castle

During the last several years I posted quite a few photos taken in the park surrounding the Kozel castle. I’ve known the castle since my childhood but I see it differently every time I come there. The park is charming in each and every season. I’d like to add a few more photos to that collection today.


The castle which is in the upper part of the photo above is not the only interesting building in the complex. Below it you can see greenhouses where plants are kept and grown during the colder months of a year. I liked that overall as well as detailed view.


In the following photo there is a chapel that is situated close by the castle. Sometimes it is used for weddings, especially in summer, and as friends of mine got married there, I could experience a bit what it felt like. There is such a custom here that some of wedding guests are throwing rice on the newly-weds when they are coming out of the church or whatever room they got married in, meaning that happiness is raining on them. Imagine the smiling and laughing faces… and well, the bride trying to get the rice out of her hair.


It’s February and so it was not surprising that various trees and bushes were being trimmed and cut and my attention was caught by neat piles of wood we were passing by.


As for the last photo, I took it just experimentally, expecting that the light would be too light and the shadows would be too dark but actually I like the image. It wasn’t taken or edited as black & white but it looks like it…


It’s great that the park is open all year and though there are several gates on its perimeter, I’ve never found any of them locked. I’m determined to visit the castle’s interior this year when the castle itself is open. Last time I participated in a guided tour twenty or perhaps thirty years ago and yet I can still remember what it felt like. Isn’t it unbelievable? I’ve surely seen many much more impressive castles since that time but this one will always have its place in my heart.



  1. What nice photos you have taken, I like the castle and it looks well maintained – also the stacked wood pile and the last photo are really interesting. Have a wonderful day. Inside the castle must be a intriguing and wonderful, eh. I like the "rice throwing" 🙂

    1. Lilly, thank you. The castle and its park are well maintained and during summer quite many visitors come there. This year a new trail around the castle has been open. It’s just about 2 km long but provides another walking opportunity in addition to the park itself.

  2. Hello Petra,
    It's good of you to have the place you have had strong attachment so long. I'm looking forward to seeing inside of it when you visit again.
    The way the wood is piled up looks artistic and practical as well to let the air in. I can imaginne how the life is in that region. Yes, the last shot is delicate and beautiful!

    1. Keiko, thank you, I’m pleased you liked the last shot!
      The piles of wood were much bigger than the part captured in the photo and you’re right, they are practical, letting the wood breeze and dry. I had a look at the castle’s website and there is a fee for shooting inside so it’s possible but the price is quite high so I don’t know whether it’s worth it. I’ll see when the time comes.

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