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Thanks to my photography project I regularly take my camera into my hands and though there is still a lot I need to learn and improve, the regularity is enriching. I have more photos than I would have had without starting the project and though they may not be striking, I learn from each of them. The following photos were taken a few days ago and form somewhat incoherent set but I find them worthy of sharing here.

Number 1: Cottage


I wonder whether the cottage get flooded in spring when there is too much water in the river but in summer it must be a nice place to stay at.

Number 2: Gravestone


We’ve discovered an old Jewish cemetery with about twenty or thirty gravestones. The place might have been desolate but nowadays a Jewish society takes care of it so it’s not forgotten any more.

Number 3: Flower on stone wall


A detail that caught my attention, flowers are able to thrive in so many places.

Number 4: Gate decoration


This statue decorates a gate at Lužany castle and I had to smile when watching it. Does it resemble a goat to you? I’m really not quite sure whether I find it nice or ugly, funny or kitschy, I sort of can’t believe my eyes.

Number 5: Another gate decoration


This is a sibling to the previous creature, guarding the other side of the gate. A bit different background, a bit different light and the impression is quite different…



  1. These are all very nice, Petra. The cottage looks so pretty, but I can see what you mean about the danger of flooding. That Jewish grave marker seems to be in rather untidy surroundings, but it's nice to know that someone is taking care of this and other previously neglected graves. It IS amazing how some plants manage to thrive in the most challenging circumstances. Maybe we could learn from them. I agree that the creatures guarding the gate look like goats…goats with toupees. 🙂

    1. Linda, thank you. Goats with toupees… sounds appropriate. 🙂

      That Jewish cemetery wasn’t big and looked all like this but there was no litter among the markers and its area was clearly identified. On a notice at its entrance, issued by the Jewish society, you could read that the place is planned to be improved gradually…

  2. The cottage looks quite inviting but the "Gate Keepers" look dangerous. I think they do look like goats, but goats to be feared? Its always surprising to find olde grave markers. We found one in the countryside once up on a hillside and roamed for a while, trying to read the faded writings. It was most interesting. You have wonderful assortment of photos and very well done. I love the colours you have captured at the cottage and the reflection.

    1. Lilly, thank you. Just a few days ago I found out that there is also an old cemetery near here and I plan to visit it. There is certain nostalgia present in such places.

      Goats to be feared… but is it their purpose and destiny? Aren’t they displayed there just to be admired? I wonder what they would look like if they suddenly opened their sleeping eyes… 🙂

    1. Sarah, thank you. I chose that particular grave marker because the heap of stones and earth made it most interesting in my eyes. I like details, I love them. It’s such a heartfelt relationship. Perhaps it’s another step on my photography journey to get more open to wider perspective.

  3. I am LOVING your new-found interest in photography, Petra, and congratulate you on what you're seeing with your good, photographic eye! This is delightful to behold. Thank you for sharing it like this. 🙂

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