52-week photoproject – Week 6


Canon EOS 500D, 28-105 mm, 1/200 at f/18, -0,67 EV, 105 mm, ISO 200


  1. What can I say, but this is wonderful & indeed perfect … properly lined up, good contrast of colours and the title leaves the viewer wondering about other hidden elements.
    I find when photographing doors, there is so much composition potential. When I study it later, I always want to include more of the surrounding structure as it can seem messy by partially cropping it. However this piece is inspirational in going the way with a tight crop showing elements of everything on display but whetting the appetite for more. It wouldn't be right to display the lower hinge as it looks like the symmetry is not reflected in the other direction.
    This is the kind of thing I expect to see in an art gallery … i think you can guess that I like this picture, great work !!

    1. J, thank you for your appreciative words. 🙂 I like what you wrote about including just part of the whole in the picture which may let the viewer wonder about what’s hidden. That wasn’t my intention but I understand what you mean.

      You’re right in guessing that it wouldn’t be right to display the lower hinge as the hinges are quite far from one another and the resulting image would lose its unity.

      Doors surely are interesting photography subjects. I find them to be individuals that need an individual approach, don’t you think so? Some doors may look best as a whole, others may excel when an interesting part is chosen and the whole is cropped. Also, when taking this photo I was wondering about including or not including the surrounding wall and frame and eventually they became an important part of the photo…

    1. Linda, thank you. 🙂 I liked that particular comment as well. I’m the one who knows what the door looks like and whose intention was to find an interesting detail in an interestingly-looking door, that puts me on the other side of the fence. Great to realise the detail has made this effect.

  2. I endorse everything said above, but with one caveat: I find it slightly "heavy" on the left side compared to the right. I usually find that I prefer such "heaviness" on the right hand side. Have you tried to do a horizontal flip? Of course, I may only be splitting hairs 🙂

    1. Rune, thank you for sharing your point of view. I hadn’t tried to flip the photo horizontally before reading your comment so I tried it after and it looks very unnatural to me. I like and feel it this way, from the left to the right.

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