I am knocking

Knocking at my soul
asking permission to enter

I keep knocking

Are you present there
though not displayed in the center?

I am not coming with empty hands
can you see?

I am bringing all the beauty I have met today
I am bringing all the strength I have gathered today
I am bringing all the love I have received today

Because I know how fragile,
full of uncertainties you are
holding your fears inside you
yet setting high the bar

I know how scared you are
of challenges you face
but I know there is courage
to accept them with good grace

I witnessed your great bravery
so many, many times
I saw it in your shining face
and twinkling smiling eyes

So please, let me enter
and give my gifts to you
as I am you and you are me
that’s what we need to do



  1. "as I am you and you are me
    that's what we need to do"
    Petra – I loved this poem very much – I will tell you that I write poetry and have for some time and I love this poem you wrote. There are no awkward or mis-used words here. You have brought feelings, courage, light from a place in your heart, mind and soul to come together and face great challenges and to be brave. This is most personal and I am moved by your writing ability. With great understanding, I read your thoughts and expressions very well. Thank you.

    1. Lilly, thank you for your appreciative and encouraging words. You’re right, the poem is very personal and I understand that some people may not like it. Moreover, I hoped that it wouldn’t sound too clumsy to all the native speakers so I’m moved and pleased by your comment enormously.

  2. Ginnie

    I think of the soul as my Holy of holies, Petra…my Wheel in the middle of the wheel. To come to it from the outside, asking permission to enter, is so very fresh and inspiring to me…instead of starting there and attempting to come out of my shell. This is a beautiful expression, in vision and verb, of finding ourselves, whether coming or going. Thank you!

  3. Barbara

    knocking on my soul and asking to enter. I have that desire so strongly lately. You'd think at 55 it would be behind me, but I'm really wondering and searching lately – wanting to enter the holy of holy's of my soul's essence. Your words and your photo are exquisite. The sweetness and the ruffles in that flower are beautiful.

  4. Maery Rose

    I think this is a wonderful post that illustrates how important it is how we talk to and treat ourselves. I love the kindness this portrays.

  5. Linda

    Hi, Petra. I have to confess that poetry often leaves me feeling as I've missed the point. I feel a bit like that now, after reading yours. Don't take it personally. It's just an ongoing struggle of mine when reading most poetry. That said, though, I really liked the way you expressed yourself in some of the phrasing. It is certainly not obvious that English is not your native language. The lines about being fragile and about facing challenges with great bravery were, I thought, especially poignant. Nicely done.

  6. Zena (Healingmoments)

    Such a beautiful and powerful post… I think that many of us are trying to break that veil between our true self and the external side of ourselves which somehow I feel is just a version of the first one impacted by cultural and social conditionings. We want to get to see how one merge into the other. I love how you approach the possibility od this meeting, from outside to inside, with gentleness and gratitude…
    Beautiful photo too

  7. Thank you so much for your comments. I’m moved by your appreciative words and pleased to see that those deeply personal perceptions may bring something positive and inspirational to you. Reading your thoughts and points of view brings an inspiration to me as well.

    Enjoy your day!

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