Though seen, hidden to our eyes


A few days ago, I was watching a celebration of the ninetieth anniversary of the local Volunteer Fire Company. It was a wonderful opportunity to try and take another type of photos than I am used to. The firemen were dressed in official light or dark blue uniforms, fire engines and equipment – both new and old – were displayed in the local pitch and procession was walking through the village including a small band playing to set a marching step.

I was absorbed in the celebration and focused on taking the photographs as the light was changing all the time, people were moving, regrouping, talking, so much to figure out. So when I saw the photo above after downloading it to my laptop, I was utterly surprised to see the different types of accordions. I liked the pair of those musicians and was watching them quite a lot and yet consciously I didn’t notice the different styles of their instruments.

I wonder how often we look at something but do not see what is right in front of our eyes. Quite often, I guess…



  1. SaucyKod

    Hi Petra – I am most impressed. I think the accordion on the right looks like olde, olde and very well constructed and more personal – like maybe handed down by family or especiall built for this fellow or maybe something else altogether – and "Oh SO BEAUTIFUL". THE YOUNG FELLOW HAS WHAT LOOKS LIKE OUR MODERN ONES. Probably both sound equally nice but I like the one on the right. Cheers, Lilly

  2. Marcie

    Oh – I love these accordions…and especially the expression of the little boy playing it. I think it happens all the time – that we miss what it is we're looking at!

  3. Soosie

    They are both beautiful. And yes, I know that I often miss what is right in front of my nose. Which has meant that I am now making a more conscious effort not to let things escape me.

  4. Sue

    Most certainly. There's no doubt that we miss far too much that's right before our eyes. How often do we take photos of flowers only to discover a bug on a leaf or a hole in a petal that we didn't see while making the shot!

  5. Gotham Girl Aka Robin

    And this is exactly what I adore about our photography! I can't tell you how many times after I download my photos that I see things I would've never seen at the time. To me that is a part of the fascination I have with photography. Love your capture. The beauty of the accordion on the right is amazing and of course you captured their expressions at the perfect moment! Well done!

  6. Deborah

    We had an accordion at our home when I was very young. I remember trying to play it and it was so difficult!
    Thanks for the reminder about seeing what is really there…photography teaches us so much, doesn't it?

  7. Ginnie

    Oh, absolutely, Petra. And the weird thing to consider is that usually photographers are considered to be the ones who "see." That means if WE miss so much, think what the rest of the world is missing!
    What a wonderful image of these two very fine and dedicated gents! I bet they "saw" you. 🙂

  8. Jennifer Richardson

    I love that you noticed how often we don't notice….so true.
    You have me thinking about how often I miss something beautiful
    right in front of me because I'm noticing something ugly instead.
    I want my eyes and heart to see and embrace the goodness
    all around….too magic to miss.
    Thanks for the gentle stir,

  9. Catherine

    Love the way those two accordions kind of dance in different directions and the angles really bring alive their thoughtful faces too!! Well captured with insights and reflections on seeing and making progress in the portrait department at the same time. Well done!

  10. Juli

    This is one of the things I love about photography. I get to 'see' for a second time when I"m reviewing my image on my laptop. A 'second seeing'. And, just as you say, often I have missed what was right before my very eyes! Thank you for sharing this!!

  11. Linda

    I had to laugh when I read this because, most of the time, when reviewing my photographs, I see things I didn't know were there when I took the shot. I love this picture of what I presume to be a father and son. The father's accordion is especially beautiful. The boy looks hot, and I'm guessing that the day was warm and maybe humid.

  12. Maery Rose

    It's fun to be surprised by your own photo and see something familiar in a new way. Often it's something in the background that I wasn't focused on, although I should be.

  13. Barbara

    A great thing about photography, isn't it, Petra? That, #1 – we've captured it and can really view it later, and #2 – we have to slow down enough to see what we might otherwise miss. My Dad played the accordian for years – the push button kind like the man on the right. His is beautiful!

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