Colours and light

Returning to the day when I was taking the previously shared photos of the cherry tree orchard, a few more photos have been left which I’d like to share. We left the orchard and went in the other direction, through the village. In the meantime, the sky turned dramatic and the light changed, everything seemed much more prominent and colourful.


There are places in the village I especially love to take photos of and look at, though they may not be “special”. Like the following fence and its surroundings:


There is a pitch hidden in the following photo, or rather a grassy area used for various purposes. It’s used on the children’s day (which is celebrated here on 1st June), for football matches, firemen contests… In the adjoining building local outdoor concerts and summer dance parties are held.


If you follow my blog regularly, you may find the bent trees in the next photo looking familiar as you could see them in a few winter shots. In spring they look less prominent but interesting and nice enough.


The last capture was taken by the the local pond and I had never seen such colours there.


I often think it’s pointless to walk through the village in pursuit of taking new photographs but eventually I’m always surprised to see something I haven’t captured yet. Different colours, shapes or light, there is always something new to discover.

I hope you enjoyed that short walk.



  1. Goodmorning Petra – I gazed at your first photo and it reminded me of a painting I saw a very long time ago. It is quite well done with the morning sun and the colours. I do remember the trees in your winter shot and am amazed at the colours at the pond – looks almost like an artists sketch, for you have captured the colour rays of the sun beaming everywhere and highlighting the trees. Sometimes we get so used to walking through our towns and villages that we think we will not see something new, however; there is always that surprise and aren't you glad you had your camera. I rarely go anywhere that I always take my camera and have been quite surprised at what surprises await one, when one is or is not prepared. In the second photo I am impressed with the neatly stacked wood just behind the little yellow flowered bushes. Lovely Photos my dear.

    1. Lilly, thank you for your warm comment.

      Yes, I’m glad I had my camera with me, there is always something inspiring to aim its lens at. I don’t carry my camera too often with me, it’s always a deliberate decision to go and focus on photographing. Like everything, this way has its advantages as well as disadvantages but it suits me.

      I’m pleasantly surprised that you’ve mentioned the “neatly stacked wood” behind the yellow flowers, I like this detail in the photo a lot!

  2. The picture of the village has a certain charm to it, probably because the scene is different from what we normally see here. The dramatic sky definitely adds to it. My favorite of this set is the second one, with the fence and the beautiful colors. I also liked the way the tree threw its shadow onto the building in the third photo. A very nice series, Petra.

    1. Linda, thank you. The street in the first picture definitely looks different from the streets I see in your photos and I was thinking about that too…

      Last week I was passing several times the place by the old fence and just imagine, they’ve torn the old fence down and are building a new one there. I understand but feel sad that I’ll never see that fence again. There will be a new one, the property will look better kept but the charm that attracted me so strongly will be gone… Progress is good and I like new things but in this particular case I wish I could stop the time.

      And finally, I have to confess that I hadn’t noticed the shadow of the tree until I saw the photo but well, it was a nice surprise.

  3. I have also found that taking pictures of thae same area, the same tree, the same view at different times of the year, different weather etc etc can be very rewarding. You see discover things that you have never noticed before.

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