More spring sights

On our way to and from the cherry tree orchard which I showed you in my previous post we saw much more than just the orchard. Near by the orchard there was a wet area spotted with plenty of marsh marigolds whose bright yellow flowers were shining in the grass.


Blooming trees were all around and when I’m looking at the next photo, it occurs to me that you never know where an unknown path will take you. It may hide so many turns and surprises.


In the following photo, there is the countryside I live in. No stunning view but I love this hilly terrain. My father was always addressing it as the foothills of Šumava mountains though Šumava is a bit further away.


We went along the path and could see various spots inviting us to take a photograph. Without taking it, would I remember that I saw something like this?

Definitely not.


I’m always surprised how different photos I and my husband take when walking together. We are attracted by different shapes, different colour combinations and different light. Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes that I hadn’t noticed something as prominent as he captured. But then I see I surprised him by some of my photos too and feel happy about that.


I’ve learnt to value this difference, this uniqueness, though it may not be always appreciated or understood. I’ve learnt to enjoy the photos I took which I like and he (or anyone else) doesn’t.


I had to smile at Margaret Mead’s words: “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”



  1. You live in a lovely area. I miss being able to walk among the hills. Thank you for letting me know who was responsible for that quote. We love to say it to each other and the kids with a twinkle in the eye.

  2. Yes Petra, we are absolutely all unique; each in our own way. I understand how you feel about the uniqueness of each others photos. We also share that here at home. I love your photos and the beauty of your home and I think your Father was right in "addressing it as the foothills of Šumava mountains", because that is what it appears to look like. What a lovely post. Have a wonderful day. I am glad I found you on blogger, as I love your posts n photos.

  3. The flowering trees, the curving path, the foothills…they're all so beautiful. Thanks for another glimpse of your country and the area in which you live. Sometimes, we may be the only one to appreciate our own photos; but, if we're pleased with what we've captured, then it was a good capture.

    1. Linda, thank you. I believe that if we are serious about photography, we insert our expectations, needs and desires into our photos and sometimes the resulting shot is sort of fragile and not understandable to others. I agree with you – if we put ourselves into a photo and no one likes it but we, it is a good capture anyway.

  4. I think its a very lovely landscape in you Hilly country, I see layers of beauty there. How true that we each are seeing the same world through different eyes! We interpret the world around us via our photos.

  5. What gorgeous spring blooms! That's the beauty of a blog – we get to see the world through your eyes and words. I wish I had more time to walk outside and blog visit but manuscript revisions are keeping me busy. Life should be back to normal in June.

    1. Sarah, thank you. You’re right, that’s the beauty of a blog that we can share so easily our observations and the way we see the world around us, no matter how far we live from one another. Sometimes it’s a struggle to find the necessary time for keeping the blog alive, there is so much to be done, but yet we meet again and keep coming back. Thank you for coming by and leaving your warm words. I keep my fingers crossed for you to get as much from your cooperation with the new agent as possible.

  6. It's good that you can share & compare photos & styles with your husband (& that he shares a photography interest). As Photographic individuals, It is both a healthy debate and a potential learning curve into new areas … a bit like getting inspiration from the work shown on your blog.

    1. J, thank you. My husband was the one who inspired me to start using a SLR camera many years ago and I’m very grateful for that as he showed me an entirely new world that way. We’ve been growing together in photographing since that time and I find it very enriching.

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