Cherry tree orchard

There is a small cherry tree orchard by the village where we live and we were walking there a month ago. I didn’t take any photo in the orchard as I didn’t see anything what would have attracted my attention, I took just a few photos around. Like this one:


Then the trees came into bloom and were visible prominently from the road where I drive regularly and I wanted to go there and enjoy the scenery. So we did and you can see how the scenery changed in the same photo as the one above, just taken about four weeks later:


The yellow specks are dandelions, there are plenty of them here.

Just a few steps further the orchard appears, all of this I can see from the road.


The orchard is just a few hundred metres away from our house and although we have been living in this village for almost twelve years, this year we have been there for the first time…


The whiteness and branches swaying in a breeze reminded me of brides dressed in silky gowns, waiting for their grooms, patient but with tremulous hands.


It’s too soon to think of cherries but I find thought-provoking what N. Mitchell said: “You can’t pick cherries with your back to the tree.” Understood literally as well as figuratively of course.


Then we left the orchard, pleased and enchanted, and continued walking. There was so much beauty to be seen that day and I’ll show you more next time. Stay tuned!



    1. Linda, thank you. I agree, we must have witnessed the peak of the blooming, the orchard looked stunning. The fourth and sixth photos have been taken at two different paths leading through the orchard. I like most of all the sixth photo that was taken further from the edge.

  1. Ooh Petra, its like a walk through a magical forest. Our trees are just about the same and I have noticed that the past week has really opened the changes. I picture me walking through your orchard and from your great descriptive passages, I was able to do that. Very lovely indeed and thank you for sharing these beautiful images, aroma and story with us all.

  2. The contrast shown in the first two photos is a wonderful start to the post as the season moves on. I recently repeated a photo of a hollow metal sign with trees growing behind it (from 2 years & 3 weeks ago) & I couldn't believe the growth in the comparative space of time. I enjoyed your text and quotes very much and I was left thinking … I wish I could make my blog so interesting with a group of trees !!

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