Taking a stroll

Temperatures are supposed to be falling significantly next weekend, it’s time to exchange summer tyres for winter ones. This morning I had an appointment at a garage in a near town where they did the exchange for me. I had to wait until it was finished so when I was thinking of what I was going to do during that time, I decided to take a camera with me and just stroll a bit. I headed for the part of the town where town people living in blocks of flats have their gardens, the area is located by a river.


While walking along the river’s bank I came across a group of ducks, walking and swimming here and there above a weir, eating something obviously delicious hidden under the surface of the water and quacking excitedly from time to time. They look like having fun, don’t they?


When leaving the ducks, I noticed several piles of leaves gathered by metal props which obstructed their way forward. Stacked pretty densely but radiating colours…


Leaving the town in the car with the changed tyres, I made one more stop. On my way home I pass through a small part of a forest and these days it’s so colourful. I guess you must already be fed up with all those autumnally coloured trees but I can’t help adding a few more.

I like the contrast of the silver bark and the golden leaves…


…the orange light coming through…


…and the mixture of shapes and colours.


You know, so many times I was sighing over that beauty but never actually took my camera and went there to take a picture. But today and I can tick off this item on the hypothetical list of my debts.



  1. Red

    I never get tired of fall colors. You also have to know a few things about taking photos of fall colors and you showed that.
    Now that you have your winter tires, don’t hit the ditch. we’ve had a major snowstorm this week. It’s early for such a storm but not unheard of.

    1. Red, thank you. Snow is expected here too, quite early this year. Winter tires are necessity here for the late autumn, winter and early spring periods. There is even a regulation here ordering that under winter conditions (i.e. snow, ice, temperatures bellow 0°C), from 1st November to 31st March drivers may use only winter tires, otherwise may be fined. If you had summer tires and caused an accident, your insurance company wouldn’t pay for anything damaged and anyone hurt.

  2. I enjoyed every one of these images, Petra. The ducks look like they’re talking and laughing together. (Have you ever noticed how ducks sound as if they’re laughing at us?) The leaves bunched together made a very unusual, but very pretty picture. And I just loved that one with the orange leaves. Very nicely done, all of them.

  3. First of all, Petra, I NEVER tire of autumnal images! NEVER! This is my favorite time of the year and I’m very glad that we, too, will start seeing colder temps. Those ducks look so happy. I think they like the weather change, too.

    I had to laugh when I started reading this because Astrid is having our tires changed right this very minute! She does it this time of the year and starts feeling so much more secure in the car as the freezing temps come. Like minds and all! 🙂

    1. Ginnie, I see, autumn is very important season to you! 🙂

      It was snowing last night in several mountains here and winter has obviously started closing on us. One of the roads where I drive to work is not very important and so when it snows, it always takes a while before it is maintained and the road may be covered in snow. I can’t imagine using summer tires at such a situation, the car would be uncontrollable.

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