First snow

It was snowing all day and night yesterday and as the temperature was stuck under the zero, we woke up into beautiful whiteness this morning.


Just on Friday I finished covering some of the plants in our garden with branches to protect them against harsh winter and I’m so glad I managed to do it in time.


We have a saying stating that “Martin comes riding a white horse”, which relates to 11th November being the Martin’s name day. It is quite usual that in the middle of November we experience the first snow, hence the white horse.


This year the snow has come a bit sooner and I find the end of October to be too early for such an event. But still, the snow looks so fresh and unusual…


…in connection with the colourful leaves which are not yet fallen.


You see, the Bidens I was writing about more than a month ago are still in front of our house! Not long now I suppose…


During the next week temperatures should rise again so this is just the first glance at what awaits us. But it won’t be that colourful any more.


The apple below has a nice cap, hasn’t it? There are not many apples remaining in the apple trees, just the ones which were left there after picking all the others.


I’m happy I haven’t missed out on all these views and caught them. Some of them are from our garden, the others from places just a few tens or hundreds metres away. I love the village where we live and wouldn’t go back to the city where I grew up for all the tea in China!


We’ve also had a change of time this weekend shifting us to earlier evenings and shorter days and it will take a couple of days to get used to it. How annoyed I was when my parents were saying at this time “It’s seven o’clock but actually it’s 8 o’clock”…

I do the same now, making our children confused and my husband smiling!


“Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again.”
Bill Morgan, Jr.



  1. These are so lovely, Petra. The snow may be early, but it surely did make for some great photos. My favorites were the yellow flowers and the apple with the snow “cap.” The last one looks like a Christmas card.

  2. “Children once again,” indeed, Petra. OMG. That is indeed early, but we, too, here in the Netherlands have had temps hovering around 40 all week. I do hope we get snow again this year…not something we can always count on for sure. Our time, too, changed over the weekend, so at least we’re tracking each other…a week before it changes in America for my kids.

    FABULOUS images of your first snow this season!

    1. Ginnie, thank you. When I was looking for a quote to make the end of the post, I couldn’t find anything suitable for a while. And then I came across the one I cited, it matched my feelings perfectly! “Children once again,” indeed. 🙂

      When I was living in the city, winters used to be represented by slush rather than snow, it’s so different here…

  3. Roy

    We narrowly missed some white stuff on the east coast here last week Petra, it nearly got down as far as my location.
    Cold, but it will provide you with some great photo opportunities as you have shown in this post already.

    1. Roy, thanks. There is one particular photo I’d like to take this winter… Several times when driving to work last winter in the early morning I saw a beautiful large golden orb of the Moon, hanging right in front of me near the neighbouring village. I always regretted I didn’t have my camera with me!

  4. You took advantage of early snow to make beautiful photos, Petra. Great contrast between the stark white and the remaining colour ! I used to live in western Canada where it was possible to experience snow during any month of the year ! We often had snow by mid-Sept which would be followed by 6 weeks of warm (25C+) weather, and we also experienced snow in August and June (we missed July because we were away ;>)

    Maybe you’ll get some warm weather so Martin can come again.

    1. Rick, thanks. It must be highly unusual to experience snow during summer months but perhaps one gets used to it…

      Unfortunately no warmth of sun rays here, just raining and mud but I still see that beautiful pair of snowy days. 🙂

    1. Sarah, thank you. Such a hurricane (or a superstorm as they often call it in media) must stir air currents and produce a weather change, I guess. I hope you haven’t been endangered by Sandy, it has caused so much damage…

    1. Alaska is such an exotic country to me, Monica, and sharing just a bit of its atmosphere, that’s something!

      The snow is already gone but its combination with the autumnal leaves was beautiful… The photos keep those moments from running away entirely.

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