Metal art in Bezdružice

To change the topics dealing with castles and nature reserves for a while, I’ve searched my archives and found a few older photos I’d like to share. A castle plays a role here but not the lead one.

I have to go back, to August 2008, when my husband was too busy at work and I spent my holiday going on daily trips with our children. One of the outings headed for the castle in Bezdružice, a city which I found a bit lost and dull at the time. I parked the car and we went up to the castle. It’s quite a nice building…


… and when we reached the top of the stairs and turned around, we could see quite a nice scenery:


But a bigger surprise waited for us in the castle’s courtyard…


… a little exhibition of metal statues created by Bohumil Eliášin in nineteen-nineties:


From the left, their names are: “Walker” – “Silent Relationship” – “I Can See You”.

The statues were quite big as you can see from the following picture and I found them interesting. A bit funny, a bit inspiring, a bit a view from another angle.


When we entered the interior of the castle, we found another exhibition there – several pieces of modern glass art. I had never seen anything like that and was entirely enchanted. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed to be taken there but I can feel the captivation up to now. But that’s another story…



  1. I’m afraid I’m not sophisticated enough to have developed an appreciation for modern or abstract art. All I could think of when looking at the “Silent Relationship” sculpture was the old movie called “ET.” 🙂 But art is a subjective thing and holds different appeal for different people.

    1. Linda, I understand your attitude. I think all forms of art are highly subjective… I’d say that modern and abstract art creates room for one’s imagination and sometimes you can identify yourself with the piece and sometimes not, sometimes it’s even difficult to define the reason of liking. I like especially the “Silent Relationship” statue but I couldn’t tell you why because in fact I don’t understand it much. And yet, it makes me feel interested…

  2. J, when I saw the statues in the courtyard, I felt surprised and that might have been the reason why I chose that composition. When entering a castle, you don’t expect anything like that and so the metal figures in the doorway looked both surprising and contrasting.

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