When you are entering a building with a beautiful, prominent or impressive entrance door, you may find yourself full of expectations what will be shown to you behind that door. What marvels of architecture or refined taste you will see. Well, the door may or may not hide anything special but still, it brings something special itself or helps to create a great scene.

Look at the entrance portal of the Benedictine cloister situated in the town Police nad Metují…


Here is a detail of the portal…


Nice work, isn’t it?

Here is a door in a place of pilgrimage called “Mountain of Mother of God” situated above the town Králíky…


… and here is a door in the courtyard of the castle situated in the town Náchod…


The last door in this post was captured in the courtyard of the castle situated in the town Nové Město nad Metují…


There is such a variety of doors, each one telling its story…



  1. Doors are such a mystery and we are invited to open and be drawn inside—its like a childs game, hide n seek.
    Lovely photos Petra, I like the secretiveness of the last shot–

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