Second chance

While I was browsing through blogs a few hours ago, I unexpectedly found inspiration in one of them. There was a photo picturing trees lit by golden light and a forked trail running among them. First trying just to write a short rhyming comment I could not stop looking for better suited words and here it is, a product of that inspiration, together with a photo I took in the end of the last year:


Snowy scenes
And lonely trails
Stretching to infinity

Hearts being weighed
On precise scales
Found guilty or not guilty

Of emptiness,
Of apathy,
Of being cold as ice

We beg for our second chance
Another game of dice

PS You know, it’s weird. I am not tempted to write poems in my native language but from time to time I feel urged to express something like this in English. I know that the result may sound different than I feel it but maybe that’s it. Don’t try to understand, try to feel…



  1. I am moved by your beautiful image and words. It’s so gratifying to hear that my post was an inspiration. The fact that you can be so lyrical in a second tongue is all the more impressive. I also love your images and Andrew Wyeth quotation in the post below. He’s another Maine artist. Here’s to winter, cheers!

  2. Roy

    That is just brilliant Petra and its nicely finished by the word association between “ice” and “dice”.
    English common and almost slang word “dicey”, for instance its dicey or risky walking on ice and would be trying to walk or drive up the road in the excellent photograph. Very clever.

    1. Roy, thank you. I liked that rhyme “ice – dice” but was wondering and checking it on the Internet whether I could say “a game of dice”. A game of dice is risky, isn’t it, you never know how many points will be thrown, you can only hope that you get what you need…
      I like the word “dicey”, thanks for the explanation!

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