Kozel castle – Part 3

I tidied up my blog a bit, got rid of some older posts I found pointless, dressed the blog in a winter coat and now I can happily return to the last part of my Kozel castle series:


There is a small island in the pond inhabited by ducks. I saw it from this side of the pond for the first time and was surprised that it was arranged and maintained.


There were many ducks, coming for feed and looking tame, they were not afraid of watching people at all. Only when a dog appeared and ran after them, they followed their instinct without hesitation and flew away.


I guess that the figure above is less than 1 meter tall, placed at a corner of a small fenced garden behind the castle. It is accompanied by ceramic hens and probably represents a woman taking care of them. I never liked her and didn’t even want to take a photo of her. I stood by a gate of the garden and tried to take photos of benches that are situated there. And then it happened. I saw the figure from a different angle and saw not a farmer but a praying woman looking to heaven with her hands turned upside, giving thanks to God and asking Him to come and fill her. My husband doesn’t see it in the picture but I do and like it very much.


The golden (or rather coppery) leaves looked beautiful above the dark water and it seems to me that they express a worthy farewell to both the trip and the autumn. See you in winter…



  1. Hi Petra – thanks for your comment on my blog. I love the look of your blog, very attractive, and some great photos too. There seems to be so much colour around in your pictures, even though it’s winter.

  2. It is always nice with a bit of tidying up – I should have done it myself. You are lucky to have such a nice area to wander in with your camera. No. 2 with its “hidden” duck had an especially peaceful atmosphere.

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