Kozel castle – Part 2

So, the New Year is not that “new” any more… do you feel settled? As my birthday is at the beginning of January, a start of a year is also the start of another year of my life, funny feeling… How many years will follow… better not to know.

I was wondering whether to continue my autumnal Kozel castle series when glittery white snow was everywhere here but as the snow has been disappearing lately and green and brown colours have been appearing again, the decision has been made for me. I am starting with a scrapbook page I created in the scrapbooking course following one of its assignments. I got a template, used one of the photos shown in the part 1 for it and added a text that occurred to me and suited both the autumnal atmosphere of the photo and the clock in the background paper. It suits also the beginning of the year, don’t you think so?


And now, you are invited to enter the garden of the Kozel castle once again:


There were a few of these arbours in the garden, some of them open, others like this one locked. But they all looked interesting.


To be one among many, to differ from others, to attract attention… the pale leaf seems comfortable in that position.


I like the contrast of the photo above. I was waiting for ages to take it because some people were passing there and then they stopped and didn’t move, so I chose another view. Don’t regret though, this one may be better than the intended one…


We spent a few hours by the castle and you can see here the changes of lighting we experienced there. From clear blue sky to misty and dreamy atmosphere…

That’s all for now, I am going to post a few more photos next time and finish the series.

Credits for the kit and template of the scrapbook page: Lauren Grier, Digital Scrapper