I took the photo by a railway museum – you can see a carriage behind those windows. I liked both the contrast between the stone building and the new car and the colours. When I was looking at the photograph a few days ago, I had to think about another car…

Sometimes there are things happening that influence us without our consent or decision. This way a car and its driver entered my life. I commute to work by my car, park the car by the wall of the areal where I work and go about 5 minutes to the building where my office is situated. My working hours are regular beginning at 6.30 a.m. and so I go there at approximately the same time every morning. I noticed that the same silver car was passing by me from time to time and sometimes I saw an older man with glasses and grey hair to get out of the car by a building that was on my way.

His car is usually parked by that building and I know its registration number better than my own. It starts with “7A7” and always when I am getting near that parking place I wonder whether 7A7 will be there. More than once I even watched the car on the same road when heading to work, the driver apparently lives somewhere in my direction. I noticed that the driver has a VIP parking card and it didn’t surprise me because he looks like a manager.

Nevertheless, although I know nothing about him and don’t wish to get to know him, I feel in some odd way connected to him and to the car. They became a part of my daily routine. Without my decision, without my will. Like many others, those unknown people we meet day by day. You surely have this experience too…