At the top


I took this photograph at the top of an interesting sandstone formation with narrow passages, so called “cat castle”. I lifted my head and there was this tree. I was enchanted by the scene. It seems that being “at the top” may be a wonderful experience but may also bring strong feeling of solitude and certain fragility…



    1. Keith, thank you. You are right, some plants can live in places one wouldn’t be looking for them as those surroundings are so harsh!

      I don’t know exactly what the reason is but I haven’t felt keen on sitting at the computer at home lately. Maybe I am too tired in the evenings to think, days are too long… 🙂

  1. This is an awesome image it provokes many emotions, and your caption is so fitting, “it is lonely at the top” as I’m sure it is – Me I love the view from the bottom – looking up into infinity – Welcome back!!

    1. Thanks, Rune. Once I read a rule that a photo should be simple (i.e. to contain not too many objects) to be comprehensible, otherwise there is chaos in it. This picture may be extremely simple but there is still something in it, I see it. Great that you see it too.

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