Nature trail by Nebílovy

At the end of March the weather started to be nicer with clear blue sky (at least from time to time), higher temperatures and more positive feelings. I and my husband wanted to go on a family outing and so we buried ourselves in Internet and maps to find an interesting target. We wanted to choose some shorter trail for the start and in the end I found out a suitable one in a brochure describing local nature trails.

When Saturday came we packed cameras, drinks and snacks and set off after the dinner. The nature trail starts and ends in one place, by a castle in Nebílovy. The castle was unfortunately closed because the castle season starts here at the beginning of April. But it didn’t matter, the castle is not far from here and we can go and visit it any time later.

This is how the castle looks from the front:


The castle represents typical Viennese baroque architecture that is quite rare in the Czech Republic. It was built in the years 1706 -1719 as a representative residence but it was not used much because of some problems with static and later it was used just as an agriculture building. Reconstruction took many years, the castle has been open to public since 1998. I have seen some pictures of the other side, i.e. of the inner courtyard and the view seems much more attractive. One day I have to go and see it!

The trail is only about 5 kilometres long but we spent the whole afternoon on it and we were really pleased. Even our children liked it and that’s something to say! So, join me for a moment on the trail.



The following building is a church of St. Jakub and is situated on the top of a hill so that it is visible from wide surroundings.


The church is baroque and was built in 1722. It is interesting that another church had been in that place already in 14th century and the bells in the current church come from the years 1493 and 1526. Quite old, aren’t they? I have very personal memories connected with this place as I got married there 15 years ago.

In the following picture I would like to attract your attention to the marking:


The upper mark (or rather sign) shows the direction of the nature trail, the lower mark is used to mark routes for hikers in the Czech Republic – the colour of the middle stripe can be red, green, blue or yellow (at least these colours are most common). Some routes are more interesting than others but it’s always great adventure to choose one and follow it. I have so many memories…


Well, I have reached the end of my story here, next adventure waits round the corner!



  1. It’s good that your children enjoyed their day in the countryside too Petra. It’s amazing how the time goes so quickly when out.
    Interesting story to go with the pictures.
    That is certainly an old church; and must have so much history. A beautiful place to have got married.

    1. Keith, thank you. There is always so much to see in the countryside, and having a camera in front of your eyes gives it a whole new perspective… You surely know what I mean.

      It was quite a coincidence that my marriage took place in that particular church but I feel grateful today. I have nice photos and great memories and I like to come back there!

  2. To have views like that along a single trail must surely be a pleasure indeed. Architecture makes photography even more interesting than usual when you can combine it with cultural (and personal) history like this. I’m sure you could spend hours (not to mention days) just investigating one of them. Well done!

    1. There have been many more views and places to be investigated, Rune. To have a tripod and no impatient children there, one could have played with many scenes.

      It is said that a picture is worth a hundred words and that really good pictures need no comment. I agree with these statements, they are generally true. But – on many occasions words bring “added value”. I realised that a few weeks ago when I saw a pair of interesting portraits in one blog and then read a commentary accompanying them. The portraits were wonderful but the stories awoke my imagination and let me see “behind the scene”…

  3. It’s good to be able to go out for walks and picnics again after a long winter. I see that your trees still have bare branches, it’s the same here, spring is late arriving this year.

    It’s interesting to learn about the church, a lovely place to have had your wedding. It’s often the case in UK that the churches are built on the site of much earlier ones. I like the Castle, it’s a pretty building and I’m glad it’s been restored.

    1. Rowan, there are many interesting old buildings who started to decay long time ago and nobody is interested in restoring them as there is no use for the buildings or the restoration would be too expensive to pay off… But I think, it’s good and illuminating to have a linkage between history and presence.

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